Welcome to django-direct

django-direct is a reusable, open-source, RESTFul API for inspecting x509 certificates found in DNS or LDAP. The GET methods are for machine readable results, whereas the POST methods offer some human interfaces for testing purposes. Only CRL revocation checking is supported. OCSP is not supported at this time.

django-direct wraps the getdc Python library and command line tools. Below are the URLs this application provides. No authentication is required for this API. Always run this service using HTTPS in production.

Get Certificate Fetch the certificate(s) from a given endpoint in .PEM format from DNS and LDAP. Appending ".pem" to the endpoint will return a .PEM file instead of ASCII. Replace the endpoint with an actual endpoint. GET /get-certificate/endpoint
Validate Certificate Fetch the certificate details from a given endpoint from DNS and LDAP. Returns a JSON document giving information about the certificate if found. GET /validate/endpoint
Validate Certificate via Discovery Complete the form to discover and parse a certificate. POST Verify with DNS and LDAP
Validate Certificate with PEM Complete the form with an x509 certificate to parse a certificate. POST Verify with PEM